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Oxel is small village surrounded by greenery and water making it more beautiful and pleasant village situated in Bardez Taluka of North Goa district of Goa State. It is located on the banks of river Chapora, at the distance of approx.. 25 km from Panaji. Village has geographical area of around 2.8 sq.km. which is bounded by hillock towards southern side , River Chapora towards northern side. The neighbouring villages sharing common boundaries with Oxel are Siolim, Sodiem and Camurlim. The Chapora river bank is the main attraction which has a beautiful island amidst the river with mangroves and thousands of birds seen on this island and along the costal belt.

The Oxel Panchayat comprises of seven wards forming part of Siolim Assembly constituency and North Goa Parliamentary Constituency. The Primary occupation of the village is Agriculture,  the villagers engaged in crop cultivation of paddy, cashew, coconuts, mangoes, cocum, vegetables, etc.

Fishing is another main occupation of villagers in coastal area, fishermans venture in to the River Chapora in their canoes for livelihood. There is also sluice gate (maanas) and khajan lands.

The village is famous for traditions and cultures having so many temples, church and chapels celebrating festivals & feasts of religious importance with love, peace and harmony . The village is famous for holy feast of Our Lady of Sea Church (Aradi Oxel) on 8th May, followed by Sao Joao on 24th June and Sangodd on 29th June every year.

Temples festivals includes – Vardhapan diwas (annual festival), Zatra, Navratri utsav, Dhalotsav, shigmotsav, Tarang at Xetrapal temple(devulwada), Kalika Panchayatan Temple (Bhati) and Mahakalika Kumbleshwar Temple (Gublawada). Besides this, 7 days Bhajani Saptaha at Brahman Temple, RamNavami at Ram Temple Ramwada,  9 days Bhavani utsav at Bhavani Temple Chouki, Divajotsav at Kamaladevi Temple, Parannath Temple etc.

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  • Office Timing : 10.00 am to 1.00 p.m and 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm
  • Village Panchayat office, V.P. Oxel, Gublawada Oxel, Bardez Goa
  • Office – 0832-2272272
  • vpoxel-ga@gov.in

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